Josh J. Stewart in 2004, Carlson & Meissner, P.A.

At Dolman Law Group, 2015

We understand client concerns about efficiency and cost certainty. We utilize project management tools, process improvement techniques, flexible and scalable staffing models, and innovative fee arrangements to drive greater efficiencies and deliver maximum value to clients for all types of legal matters, from the routine to the largest and most complex legal projects.  We are a full service law firm handling legal matters statewide.  Our clients range from individuals to businesses located throughout the United States and abroad.  Members of our firm share a career history including extensive, actual courtroom experience.  We've handled cases against global Fortune 500 companies on behalf of individuals in need strong advocacy on their behalf.  In addition to the litigation scope of our practice, we've undertaken representation of individuals in need of a will, trust, or in regard to a probate matter.  We have particular expertise in the areas of injury claims, workers compensation claims, (job related injuries) or those in need of civil or criminal defense.

Josh  J. Stewart in 2008, Stewart & Stewart, P.A.

With diverse interests, Josh J. Stewart worked as a contributing writer to various saltwater fishing publications including, Florida Sportfishing Magazine and Florida Sportsman Magazine

Josh J. Stewart, Public Speaking

​​We are selective about the matters in which we undertake representation.  Our approach to the practice of law is distinctly different than that of the large majority of law firms whose main goal is to sign up as many clients as possible.  Large case loads result in a detachment between the attorney and their client.  What needs to be done or what should be done in order to properly handle a case is not possible with case loads too high to adequately handle.   Extensive advertising by a law firm can mislead the public.  What is misleading is that extensive law firm advertising can create a false impression regarding a law firm's capabilities and intentions.  The most common misperception is that a law capable of affording the cost associated with such advertising must be successful on behalf of their clients..   Firms engaged in extensive advertising in hopes of creating such false impressions are often referred to as "settlement mills."  The firm simply wants to achieve as many settlements as possible.  The amount of each settlement, or what is in the best interest of the client, diminishes in place of sheer volume.   Our goal is not to sign up as many clients as possible.  Our goal is to achieve as many successful outcomes on behalf of our clients as possible.  The foundation for our approach is the belief that representing fewer clients incredibly well is better than a large caseload in which handling each individual's case in a manner consistent with our standards would not be possible.  Focusing on the client's goals to achieve the best outcome is of primary importance.  We gauge our success based on how well we're handling each individual client's matter.  The number of open and active cases is not a factor in determining success.  Doing everything possible for every client is the key to success.  People know when you care about their concerns.  They know when their attorney is not responsive, sympathetic, does not truly understand their needs, does not keep them informed of the status of their matter, does not discuss options with them, and otherwise lacks the requisite concern.  We proudly make every effort to avoid ever leaving any client with that impression.

Josh J. Stewart achieved success early on through hard work and dedication. You can click the image above to be taken to the actual court settlement order entered in the matter.

Josh J. Stewart 2016

Litigation and Trial Consultant, Josh J. Stewart

Mr. Josh J. Stewart is not accepting new clients or otherwise engaged in on-going legal matters.   He is currently working as Director of Operations and Specialist Consultant to Buy DMI, Inc.,  and Live to Fish 

Born: New Port Richey, FL

Provide claims & dispute management support. Over 13 years of Direct Litigation and Trial Experience.  Legal Research and Writing, Deposition Summaries, Litigation Risk Avoidance Consulting.  Strategic Project Planning, Resource Management and Profitability Initiatives.  Ability to identify and resolve issues quickly and creatively while integrating legal, compliance, and business objectives. Structuring, reviewing, and analyzing contractual agreements, including subcontracts​, and independent contractor agreements.

West Pasco Bar Association Board of Directors, 2006 - 2007, Awarded Outstanding Service

West Pasco Bar Association Young Lawyers Division - Elected Two Terms as Treasurer

Past Member: Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division

Dolman Law Group, 800 North Belcher Road, Clearwater, FL 33756.  

Stewart & Stewart, P.A., 5435 Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652. Previous partner.  Handled civil litigation, workers compensation claims, personal injury claims, insurance and business disputes.
Carlson & Meissner, P.A. 7614 Massachusetts Ave, New Port Richey, FL 34653. Previous Associate.  Managed the firm's workers compensation litigation department for the New Port Richey office.  Handled over 277 open and active cases in litigation. 
Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa, FL. Member 3 Time State Champion Soccer Team. 1996

University of Alabama, English Honors Program, Executive Council of Fraternity, Big Brothers / Big Sisters Volunteer, Tuscaloosa, AL. Graduated in 2000 
Oxford University, Wadham College, Early Victorian Authors, Shakespeare, Oxford, England. 1999  
Stetson College of Law, Moot Court Client Negotiations Team, Honorary Distinction. Graduated in 2003.

Admitted to the Florida Bar; April 15, 2004. 
LITIGATION EXPERIENCE: Previous lawsuits including but not at all limited to: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Home Depot; Swift Transportation; Nordstrom's; Bloomin Brands, Inc., subsidiary Outback Steakhouse, Circle K Food Stores, Inc.; Winn – Dixie; Publix Supermarkets; Southeast Personnel Leasing; Delta Airlines, Inc.; Red - Bull North America, Inc., McDonald's, Dunkin Brands, Inc. - Dunkin Donuts, Outback Steakhouse,  DonutsYellow Roadway, Inc.; Cemex, Inc.; Spirit Airlines. While first practicing with Carlson & Meissner (C&M) he settled a Worker's Compensation case for $550,000.00. Despite his practicing law for less than 6 mos., and his age at the time (26).  The amount was the highest settlement in the firm's history for the past 10 years. After 4 years with C&M, in 2008, he moved to create the law firm of Stewart & Stewart, P.A. He was able to substantially broaden the scope of his practice areas; to include representation of both businesses, employers, and individuals, in varied legal contexts. Visit his LinkedIn page for specific case citations of successful trial outcomes.

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