​​We are selective about the matters in which we undertake representation.  Our approach to the practice of law is distinctly different than that of the large majority of law firms whose main goal is to sign up as many clients as possible.  Large case loads result in a detachment between the attorney and their client.  What needs to be done or what should be done in order to properly handle a case is not possible with case loads too high to adequately handle.   Extensive advertising by a law firm can mislead the public.  What is misleading is that extensive law firm advertising can create a false impression regarding a law firm's capabilities and intentions.  The most common misperception is that a law capable of affording the cost associated with such advertising must be successful on behalf of their clients..   Firms engaged in extensive advertising in hopes of creating such false impressions are often referred to as "settlement mills."  The firm simply wants to achieve as many settlements as possible.  The amount of each settlement, or what is in the best interest of the client, diminishes in place of sheer volume.   Our goal is not to sign up as many clients as possible.  Our goal is to achieve as many successful outcomes on behalf of our clients as possible.  The foundation for our approach is the belief that representing fewer clients incredibly well is better than a large caseload in which handling each individual's case in a manner consistent with our standards would not be possible.  Focusing on the client's goals to achieve the best outcome is of primary importance.  We gauge our success based on how well we're handling each individual client's matter.  The number of open and active cases is not a factor in determining success.  Doing everything possible for every client is the key to success.  People know when you care about their concerns.  They know when their attorney is not responsive, sympathetic, does not truly understand their needs, does not keep them informed of the status of their matter, does not discuss options with them, and otherwise lacks the requisite concern.  We proudly make every effort to avoid ever leaving any client with that impression.

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