Published: January 10, 2017
Depending on the type of news and politics you follow, you may not have heard about the recent 14.5% increase to worker’s compensation insurance premiums in Florida. The rate increase was supposed to take effect December 1, 2016. However, a Notice of Appeal filed November 28, 2016 has halted application of the increase until a decision in that case is reached.
Whether you were already aware of the increase or not, a common question is whether the insurance premium increase for worker’s compensation coverage will have any impact on your existing worker’s compensation claim, or whether it will have any impact in the event you sustain a work related injury in the future? The most obvious and immediate answer to those questions is NO. Given the fact that application of the increase is being held in abeyance until a decision in the appellate case is made, no impact is possible.
The rate increase came about as a result of insurance industry fears over the potential impact of a few recent Florida Supreme Court decisions affecting worker’s compensation claims. Contact our office for a free consultation or if you have any questions concerning these cases in particular: 727-847-1115. 
The more relevant question is: will the cases that caused the rate increase have an impact on my current work comp claim, or on any work related injury I may sustain in the future.? The answer to those questions is YES. Fortunately for the injured Florida employee, the impact of the Florida Supreme Court decisions is favorable.
One case allowed attorneys representing injured workers to claim entitlement to a reasonable attorney’s fee payable by the worker’s compensation carrier for securing worker’s compensation benefits on behalf of their client. Before the decision was entered providing for reasonable claimant attorney’s fees paid by the worker’s compensation insurance carriers, employees injured on the job were at a severe disadvantage in being able to secure representation. Navigating Florida’s worker’s compensation laws without an attorney is similar to trying to make your way through a foreign country without knowing the language or having a tour guide. Attorneys experienced in representing injured employees were finding themselves involved in cases in which they were being paid less than minimum wage for devoting hours of time to obtaining lost wages or medical benefits on their client’s behalf. Attorneys representing insurance carriers experienced no such hardship in terms of the fees they were paid by the worker’s compensation insurance companies.
Another case allowed for the continuation of a specific benefit after the injured worker reaches 104 weeks of payment. If you have questions about these recent decisions, or if you have questions about your work related accident and injuries, contact our office for a free consultation.


After a work related injury, times often become difficult for those suffering from their accident on the job. You need to buy food to feed your family, clothes for your children, school supplies, and pay bills.  Unfortunately, doing any of those things is now much more difficult, if not impossible, because you haven’t been able to work since you were injured on the job. You can't put your life on hold.  You need your Florida Worker's Compensation Benefits now.

If you don’t want to needlessly wait for the benefits you're entitled to under Florida Law, contact a lawyer at Stewart & Stewart, P.A. Our Florida Injury Lawyers are experienced in helping injured workers and their families, and will demand you get the compensation you deserve.

What the insurance company does not want you to know!

Florida Workers Compensation Lawyers

Insurance companies are notorious for giving people the runaround, but a skilled Florida workers' compensation attorney from the Stewart & Stewart law firm understands the complications and red tape that can occur when dealing with a workers’ compensation case, and get you the money you are due.

The following is certain information that insurance companies don’t want you to know because it could help the insurance company justify paying you less for a settlement:

1.  You do not have to give the insurance company a recorded statement without your attorney present.

2.  You are likely to be entitled to benefits even if you're at fault for your injury.

3.  Even though you had a prior injury to the same area, you may still be entitled to benefits.

4.  You are entitled to be reimbursed for you medical mileage and prescriptions.

5.  You may be owed money for your permanent injuries and scarring

Disabilities covered by Florida workers’ compensation benefits apply to anyone who has sustained an injury on the job or suffered an illness as the result of the working environment. Those seeking payment for their injuries may collect compensation for both short-term and long-term disabilities. If you think you are entitled to workers’ compensation, let a trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyer from Stewart & Stewart guide you through the legal process.



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After being arrested for a crime, it can be difficult to take the first steps toward proper defense. Emotionally, the experience is quite traumatic.  You are likely to feel confused, frustrated, angry, embarrassed, anxious about being judged, and be uncertain about what the best course of action would be to follow.  You know you need to do something to get your life back on track.  Making that first step is usually the most difficult because of so many perceived “unknowns.”  Who should I hire?  How much will it cost?  What can they do for me? 

You have probably received numerous flyers and letters from law firms in the mail, desperately hoping you’ll call their office. 

Attorney Brendan Riley understands the overwhelming nature of your situation.  His experience includes handling hundreds of cases throughout the State of Florida involving as broad a range of charges as one can imagine. 

FACT:  Brendan Riley has indeed successfully obtained many reductions and dismissals of charges.  While he makes no guarantees about what he can do in anyone’s case, he does guarantee to provide you with more information than most during a free consultation.

Attorney John Stewart provides information concerning certain legal documents as well as the knowledge and perspective he's gained over the 40 plus years in which he's practiced law. 

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